Transmit and receive mode

With LLDP enabled, the switch periodically transmits an LLDP advertisement (packet) out each active port enabled for outbound LLDP transmissions and receives LLDP advertisements on each active port enabled to receive LLDP traffic (Configuring per-port transmit and receive modes (CLI)). Per-port configuration options include four modes:

  • Transmit and receive (tx_rx): This is the default setting on all ports. It enables a given port to both transmit and receive LLDP packets and to store the data from received (inbound) LLDP packets in the switch's MIB.

  • Transmit only (txonly): This setting enables a port to transmit LLDP packets that can be read by LLDP neighbors. However, the port drops inbound LLDP packets from LLDP neighbors without reading them. This prevents the switch from learning about LLDP neighbors on that port.

  • Receive only (rxonly): This setting enables a port to receive and read LLDP packets from LLDP neighbors and to store the packet data in the switch's MIB. However, the port does not transmit outbound LLDP packets. This prevents LLDP neighbors from learning about the switch through that port.

  • Disable (disable): This setting disables LLDP packet transmissions and reception on a port. In this state, the switch does not use the port for either learning about LLDP neighbors or informing LLDP neighbors of its presence.