Selecting a time synchronization protocol

  1. Select the time synchronization protocol: TimeP, SNTP, or NTP.
  2. Enable the protocol; the choices are:
    1. TimeP: DHCP or Manual
    2. SNTP: Broadcast or Unicast
    3. NTP: Broadcast or Unicast
  3. Configure the remaining parameters for the time protocol you selected.

    The switch retains the parameter settings for both time protocols even if you change from one protocol to the other. Thus, if you select a time protocol, the switch uses the parameters you last configured for the selected protocol.

Simply selecting a time synchronization protocol does not enable that protocol on the switch unless you also enable the protocol itself (step 2, above). For example, in the factory-default configuration, TimeP is the selected time synchronization method. However, because TimeP is disabled in the factory-default configuration, no time synchronization protocol is running.