Removing ports from a dynamic LACP trunk group

To remove a port from dynamic LACP trunk operation, you must turn off LACP on the port. (On a port in an operating, dynamic LACP trunk, you cannot change between LACP Active and LACP passive without first removing LACP operation from the port.)


Unless spanning tree is running on your network, removing a port from a trunk can result in a loop. To help prevent a broadcast storm when you remove a port from a trunk where spanning tree is not in use, Hewlett Packard Enterprise recommends that you first disable the port or disconnect the link on that port.


no interface <port-list> lacp

Removes <port-list> from any dynamic LACP trunk and returns the ports in <port-list> to passive LACP.


Port C6 belongs to an operating, dynamic LACP trunk. To remove port C6 from the dynamic trunk and return it to passive LACP, do the following:

switch(config)# no interface c6 lacp
switch(config)# interface c6 lacp passive

In the above Example:, if the port on the other end of the link is configured for active LACP or static LACP, the trunked link will be re-established almost immediately.