Operating rules

  • Required port speed: This feature allows inbound and outbound jumbo frames on ports operating at a minimum of 1 Gbps.
  • GVRP operation: A VLAN enabled for jumbo traffic cannot be used to create a dynamic VLAN. A port belonging to a statically configured, jumbo-enabled VLAN cannot join a dynamic VLAN.
  • Port adds and moves: If you add a port to a VLAN that is already configured for jumbo traffic, the switch enables that port to receive jumbo traffic. If you remove a port from a jumbo-enabled VLAN, the switch disables jumbo traffic capability on the port only if the port is not currently a member of another jumbo-enabled VLAN. This same operation applies to port trunks.
  • Jumbo traffic sources: A port belonging to a jumbo-enabled VLAN can receive inbound jumbo frames through any VLAN to which it belongs, including non-jumbo VLANs. For example, if VLAN 10 (without jumbos enabled) and VLAN 20 (with jumbos enabled) are both configured on a switch, and port 1 belongs to both VLANs, port 1 can receive jumbo traffic from devices on either VLAN. For a method to allow only some ports in a VLAN to receive jumbo traffic, see Configuring a maximum frame size.