Operating notes for maximum frame size

  • When you set a maximum frame size for jumbo frames, it must be on a global level. You cannot use the jumbo max-frame-size command on a per-port or per-VLAN basis.

  • The original way to configure jumbo frames remains the same, which is per-VLAN, but you cannot set a maximum frame size per-VLAN.

  • Jumbo support must be enabled for a VLAN from the CLI or through SNMP.

  • Setting the maximum frame size does not require a reboot.

  • When you upgrade to a version of software that supports setting the maximum frame size from a version that did not, the max-frame-size value is set automatically to 9216 bytes.

  • Configuring a jumbo maximum frame size on a VLAN allows frames up to max-frame-size even though other VLANs of which the port is a member are not enabled for jumbo support.