Log throttle periods

The length of the log throttle period differs according to an event's severity level:

Severity level

Log throttle period

I (Information)

6000 Seconds

W (Warning)

600 Seconds

D (Debug)

60 Seconds

M (Major)

6 Seconds


Suppose that you configure VLAN 100 on the switch to support PIM operation, but do not configure an IP address. If PIM attempts to use VLAN 100, the switch generates the first instance of the following Event Log message and counter.


In The first instance of an event message and counter the counter (1) indicates that this is the first instance of this event since the switch last rebooted.

The first instance of an event message and counter

W 10/01/12 09:00:33 PIM:No IP address configured on VID 100 (1)

If PIM operation causes the same event to occur six more times during the initial log throttle period, there are no further entries in the Event Log. However, if the event occurs again after the log throttle period has expired, the switch repeats the message (with an updated counter) and starts a new log throttle period.

Figure 46: Duplicate messages over multiple log throttling periods

Note that if the same type of event occurs under different circumstances, the switch handles these as unrelated events for the purpose of Event Log messages. For example, if PIM operation simultaneously detects that VLANs 100 and 205 are configured without IP addresses, you see log messages similar to the following:

Figure 47: Example: of log messages generated by unrelated events of the same type