LLDP-MED endpoint device classes

LLDP-MED endpoint devices are, by definition, located at the network edge and communicate using the LLDP-MED framework. Any LLDP-MED endpoint device belongs to one of the following three classes:

  • Class 1 (generic endpoint devices): These devices offer the basic LLDP discovery services, network policy advertisement (VLAN ID, Layer 2/802.1p priority, and Layer 3/DSCP priority), and PoE management. This class includes such devices as IP call controllers and communication-related servers.

  • Class 2 (media endpoint devices): These devices offer all Class 1 features plus media-streaming capability, and include such devices as voice/media gateways, conference bridges, and media servers.

  • Class 3 (communication devices): These devices are typically IP phones or end-user devices that otherwise support IP media and offer all Class 1 and Class 2 features, plus location identification and emergency 911 capability, Layer 2 switch support, and device information management.