Filtering PVID mismatch log messages

This enhancement filters out PVID mismatch log messages on a per-port basis. PVID mismatches are logged when there is a difference in the PVID advertised by a neighboring switch and the PVID of the switch port which receives the LLDP advertisement. Logging is an LLDP feature that allows detection of possible vlan leakage between adjacent switches. However, if these events are logged too frequently, they can overwhelm the log buffer and push relevant logging data out of log memory, making it difficult to troubleshoot another issue.

Logging is disabled and enabled with the support of CLI commands.

This enhancement also includes displaying the Mac-Address in the PVID mismatch log message when the port ID is Mac-Address instead of displaying garbage characters in the peer device port ID field.

Use the following command to disable the logging of the PVID mismatch log messages:


logging filter [filter-name][sub filter id] <regularexpression> deny

The regular expression should match the message which is to be filtered.


logging filter [filter-name] enable