Enabling or disabling jumbo traffic on a VLAN


vlan <vid> jumbo

no vlan <vid> jumbo

Configures the specified VLAN to allow jumbo frames on all ports on the switch that belong to that VLAN. If the VLAN is not already configured on the switch, vlan <vid> jumbo also creates the VLAN.

A port belonging to one jumbo VLAN can receive jumbo frames through any other VLAN statically configured on the switch, regardless of whether the other VLAN is enabled for jumbo frames.

The no form of the command disables inbound jumbo traffic on all ports in the specified VLAN that do not also belong to another VLAN that is enabled for jumbo traffic. In a VLAN context, the command forms are jumbo and no jumbo.

(Default: Jumbos disabled on the specified VLAN.)