Configuring (enabling or disabling) the SNTP mode

Enabling the SNTP mode means to configure it for either broadcast or unicast mode. Remember that to run SNTP as the switch's time synchronization protocol, you must also select SNTP as the time synchronization method by using the CLI timesync command.


timesync sntp

Selects SNTP as the time protocol.

sntp {<broadcast | unicast>}

Enables the SNTP mode.


sntp server <ip-addr>

Required only for unicast mode.


sntp server priority <1-3>

Specifies the order in which the configured servers are polled for getting the time. Value is between 1 and 3.


sntp <30-720>

Configures the amount of time between updates of the system clock via SNTP.

Default: 720 seconds