Adding a description for a Syslog server

You can associate a user-friendly description with each of the IP addresses (IPv4 only) configured for syslog using the CLI or SNMP.


The Hewlett Packard Enterprise MIB hpicfSyslog.mib allows the configuration and monitoring of syslog for SNMP (RFC 3164 supported).


Entering the no logging command removes ALL the syslog server addresses without a verification prompt.

The CLI command is:


logging <ip-addr> [control-descr ZZZZTRISHZZZZ <text_string>] 
 no logging <ip-addr> [control-descr]

An optional user-friendly description that can be associated with a server IP address. If no description is entered, this is blank. If <text_string> contains white space, use quotes around the string. IPv4 addresses only.

Use the no form of the command to remove the description. Limit: 255 characters


To remove the description using SNMP, set the description to an empty string.

The logging command with a control description

switch(config)# logging control-descr syslog_one