Configure AirWave details manually

This section focuses on configuring the switch manually to reach out to AirWave. Manual configuration may be required, if ZTP is disabled due to the following scenarios or if AirWave credentials are not provided during the DHCP offer:
  • Switch with configuration that explicitly disables ZTP

  • Switch with nondefault configuration

  • Switches that have upgraded from older images to 16.xx

In any of the above scenarios, you need to manually configure to reach the AirWave server using the amp-server command. This command helps you configure the AirWave IP address, group, folder, and shared secret. You must have the manager role to execute this command.

For example:

switch(config)# amp-server ip group "group" folder "folder" secret "branch1024"
The show amp-server command shows the configuration details:
AirWave Configuration details
AMP Server IP :
AMP Server Group : GROUP
AMP Server Folder : folder
AMP Server Secret : branch1024
AMP Server Config Status: Configured