Configuring the system module used to select the Event Log messages sent to a syslog server

Event Log messages contain the name of the system module that reported the event. Using the logging system-module command, you can select a set of Event Log messages according to the originating system module and send them to a syslog server.


no logging system-module <system-module>

Configures the switch to send all Event Log messages being logged from the specified system module to configured syslog servers. (To configure a syslog server, see Configuring a syslog server.)

See Table 30: Event Log system modules for the correct value to enter for each system module.

Default: all-pass (Reports all Event Log messages.)

Use the no form of the command to remove the configured system module value and reconfigure the default value, which sends Event Log messages from all system modules to syslog servers.

You can select messages from only one system module to be sent to a syslog server; you cannot configure messages from multiple system modules to be sent. If you re-enter the command with a different system module name, the currently configured value is replaced with the new one.


This setting has no effect on event notification messages that the switch normally sends to the Event Log.