Configuration restore without force option

If the two configuration files backed up are file1 and file2:

Backup the configuration using either the traditional copy config or the cfg-backup commands.
  1. Execute the show config files command. By default, the config file provides all the associations.
    switch(config)# show config files
    Configuration files:
     id | act pri sec | name
      1 |  *   *   *  | config
      2 |             | file1
      3 |             | file2
      4 |             |
      5 |             |
  2. Use cfg-restore flash file1 command to see the configuration of file1.
    switch(config)# cfg-restore flash file1
    Even after executing the previous command, associations will remain the same, but the running configuration is replaced by file1 configuration.

    In a configuration restore without reboot, the association remains the same. The default config file is updated based on the configuration of the restored file.