• Dynamic LACP, static trunks, and distributed trunks will not support this feature.
  • The command is not available for REST/next Gen UI.

  • If the LACP trunk is down due to lack of active links with the timer enabled, a dynamic update to the enable-timer by configuration will not take effect immediately as the current timer runs with the previously configured value.
  • When the LACP trunk is blocked by min-active-links and the enable-timer is running, the member links will be prevented from becoming operational even if there is an external intervention caused by configuration or topology changes.
  • If the enable-timer is not configured, the operator must restore the member links of the LACP trunk which are blocked by the minimum active links.

  • If there is a flap in any member links, the LACP trunk disabled by min-active-links may end up flapping when enable-timer is not configured.

  • The min-active-links feature is not supported on the previous releases (that is prior to 16.08 version). On downgrading the switch to the previous version, the configuration will be removed without any warning.