Solution components

IP SLA responder

This device receives IP SLA probe packets from a configured initiator, timestamps the frame at a pre-defined location in the packet upon receipt and sends the same frame back to the initiator.

IP SLA initiator

This device initiates IP SLA probe packets to multiple destinations each with a certain user configurable packet content and periodicity.

The initiator timestamps the frame at a pre-defined location before sending the frame out to the configured destinations and re-timestamps the frame at a different location once it receives the same back from the responder.

IP SLA measurement engine

This is an application running on the initiator. It processes response frames received from the IP SLA responder and computes one-way delay, jitter and RTT based on the timestamps present in the packet.

This application aggregates this computed information across multiple probe samples and stores this for consumption by an NMS via SNMP or via the device CLI.

It also supports asynchronous user configurable threshold breach notification to an NMS (via SNMP Traps).