no ip-sla <ID> udp-jitter


no ip-sla <ID> udp-jitter destination [<IP-ADDR> | <HOST-NAME>] <PORT-NUM> source [<IP-ADDR> | <VLAN-ID>] [payload-size <SIZE> num-of-packets <NUM> packet-interval <PKT-INTERVAL>]


Configures the UDP Jitter test.
  • Payload-size: Payload size of the test packet. Value can range from 68-8100. Default value is 68.
  • Num-of-packets: Number of packets sent in one probe. Default is 10. Allowed range: 10-1000.
  • Packet-interval: Inter packet gap in milliseconds.Time between consecutive packets within a probe. Default is 20ms. Allowed range: 10-60000