cfg-restore config_bkp


cfg-restore {tftp <ip-address> | sftp <ip-address>} config_bkp


Downloads and restores a configuration from the TFTP or SFTP server, without rebooting the switch.

The commands from the restored configuration will be executed on the running configuration. The name of the current active configuration will not change after a configuration restore.

Command context



switch(config)# cfg-restore tftp
 HOSTNAME-STR          Specify hostname of TFTP Server.
 IP-ADDR               IP Address of the TFTP Server.
 IPV6-ADDR             IPV6 Address of the TFTP Server.

switch(config)# cfg-restore sftp
 HOSTNAME-STR          Specify hostname of the SFTP server.
 IP-ADDR               IP Address of the SFTP Server.
 IPV6-ADDR             IPV6 Address of the SFTP Server.
 user                  Specify username on the remote system information
 USER@IP-STR           Specify username along with remote system

switch(config)# cfg-restore tftp pvos/tftp_2930_config_file
Current running-configuration will be replaced with 'tftp_2930_config_file'.
Continue (y/n)? y
Configuration restore is in progress, configuration changes are temporarily disabled.

Successfully applied configuration 'tftp_2930_config_file' to running configuration.

switch(config)# sh cfg-restore status
 Status                 : Success
 Config File Name       : tftp_2930_config_file
 Source                 : TFTP
 Time Taken             : 4 Seconds
 Last Run               : Wed Nov  8 21:11:10 2017

 Recovery Mode          : Enabled
 Failure Reason         : -

 Number of Add Commands    : 4
 Number of Remove Commands : 7

Time Taken for Each Phase :
      Calculating diff     : 1 Seconds
      Adding commands      : 0 Seconds
      Removing commands    : 0 Seconds

switch(config)# show config files

Configuration files:

 id | act pri sec | name
  1 |  *   *   *  | config
  2 |             |
  3 |             |
  4 |             |
  5 |             |