Configuration backup and restore without reboot

The configuration backup and restore without reboot supports the following features:
Interface Access (Telnet, Console/Serial, web) Port Shutdown with Broadcast Storm
Access Control Lists (ACLs) Source-Port Filters
AAA Authentication TACACS+ Authentication
CoS (Class of Service) Time Protocols (TimeP, SNTP)
Network Management Applications (SNMP) Uni-directional Link Detection (UDLD)
Port Configuration Virus Throttling (Connection-Rate Filtering)
Port Security Web-based Authentication
Port-Based Access Control (802.1X) Backplane stacking
Quality of Service (QoS) Job Scheduler
Spanning Tree (STP, RSTP, MSTP, RPVST+) Authorized IP Managers
VLANs Authorized Manager List (Web, SSH, TFTP)
802.1Q VLAN Tagging Auto MDIX Configuration
802.1X Port-Based Priority DHCP Configuration
802.1X Multiple Authenticated Clients Per Port Flow Control (802.3x)
IGMP Friendly Port Names
LACP/Trunk Guaranteed Minimum Bandwidth (GMB)
MAC Lockdown IP Addressing
MAC-based Authentication IP Routing
MAC Lockout Jumbo Packets
Multicast Filtering LLDP-MED
Power over Ethernet (PoE and PoE+) Loop Protection
Protocol Filters MAC Address Management
RADIUS Authentication and Accounting Management VLAN
RADIUS-Based Configuration Passwords and Password Clear Protection/include-credentials
Encrypted-password QoS: Strict-Priority Queuing
Port Monitoring QoS: Turn on/off VLAN Precedence
Port Status QoS: Egress Queue Rate-limiting
Rate-Limiting CDP
Syslog System Parameters (hostname, Banner)
System Information Front-panel-security
Telnet Access DLDP
Traffic/Security Filters OOBM
VLAN Mirroring (1 static VLAN)/Port mirroring Switch interconnect
Voice VLAN Airwave Controller IP configuration
Web Authentication RADIUS Support Aruba Central integration
Web UI Captive portal commands
Log IP address of an ACL match Consolidated Client View
access-list logtimer IPsec for Zero Touch Provisioning
UFD: Uplink Failure Detection Local User roles
Wake-on-LAN for a Specific VLAN Port QoS Trust Mode
WebUI Inactivity Timer Per-port Tunneled node
Control Plane Protection Zero-touch provisioning - DHCP, Activate
Egress ACLs ClearPass support
Device profile - switch auto configuration HTTP redirection/Captive portal
Device profile: Auto configuration with Aruba AP detection Device profile: LLDP Authentication Bypass with AP
Tunneled Node enhancement: fallback to switching RADIUS Port Speed VSA
Rogue AP isolation Dynamic ARP Protection
DHCP Option 82 Dynamic IP Lockdown
DHCP snooping Eavesdrop Protection
Distributed Trunking GVRP
RMON 1,2,3,9 Private VLANs
SavePower Features IP SLA
sFlow sys-debug acl
Smartlink RBAC: Role Based Access Control
Fault Finder extended to cover Flapping Transceiver Mitigation RADIUS Service Tracking
Fault Finder (Per Port Enable) sys-debug destination
SNMP Trap Throttling Protocol VLANS