Configuring Activate-based ZTP with AirWave

For Activate-based ZTP, the switch connects to Aruba Activate service through the Internet and autoconfiguration takes place based on the settings provided in Activate. For more information on how to set up an Activate account, folder and their rules, refer to the Aruba Activate User Guide.

In the preceding illustration, the workflow is as follows:

  1. The switches being provisioned in the branches are booted and connect to the Activate on the cloud.

  2. Based on the administrator’s provisioning (folder, rule), the device is placed in the appropriate folder before getting redirected to the AirWave server in the Corporate HQ.

  3. The switches connect to the AirWave server, and the server pushes the configuration to the switches based on the AirWave folder, switch model, and branch location.

  4. Optionally, an IPsec tunnel to the Controller in the HQ can be constructed to secure the management traffic to AirWave. This configuration can be set as part of the initial configuration push from Activate.