copy usb command-file


copy usb command-file <FILENAME.TXT> [unix|pc]


Copies and executes the named text file from a USB flash drive and executes the ACL commands in the file. Depending on the ACL commands used, this action does one of the following in the running-config file:
  • Creates a new ACL.

  • Replaces an existing ACL.

  • Adds to an existing ACL.



A text file containing ACL commands and stored in the USB flash drive.


The type of workstation used to create the text file.

Upload an ACL command file from USB

Using a PC workstation, execute the following from the CLI to upload the file to the switch and implement the ACL commands it contains:

switch(config)# copy usb command-file vlan10_in.txt pc

The switch displays this message:

Running configuration may change, do you want to continue

If the switch detects an illegal (non-ACL) command in the file, it bypasses the illegal command, displays a notice, and continues to implement the remaining ACL commands in the file.