SCP/SFTP operating notes

  • When an SFTP client connects, the switch provides a file system displaying all of its available files and folders. No file or directory creation is permitted by the user. Files may be only uploaded or downloaded, according to the permissions mask. All of the necessary files the switch needs are already in place on the switch. You do not need to (nor can you) create new files.

  • The switch supports one SFTP session or one SCP session at a time.

  • All files have read-write permission. Several SFTP commands, such as create or remove, are not allowed and return an error message. The switch displays the following files:
    |   running-config
    |   startup-config
    |   crash-data
    |   crash-data-a
    |   crash-data-b 
    |   crash-data-c 
    |   crash-data-d 8212zl only
    |   crash-data-e            "      "
    |   crash-data-f  ""
    |   crash-data-g  8212zl only
    |   crash-data-h            "      "
    |   crash-data-I  ""
    |   crash-data-J  ""
    |   crash-data-K  ""
    |   crash-data-L  "    "
    |   crash-log
    |   crash-log-a
    |   crash-log-b 
    |   crash-log-c 
    |   crash-log-d   8212zl only
    |   crash-log-e  ""
    |   crash-log-f  ""
    |   crash-log-g  8212zl only
    |   crash-log-h  " "
    |   crash-log-I  " "
    |   crash-log-J  " "
    |   crash-log-K  " "
    |   crash-log-L  " "
    |   event log
    |   primary
    |   secondary
        |   authorized_keys
        |   authorized_keys
    \---core   (this directory is not available on the 8212zl)
    |   mm1.cor      management module or management function
    |   im_a.cor     interface module (chassis switches only)
    |   im_b.cor     interface module (chassis switches only)
    |   im_1.cor     interface module (chassis switches only)
    |   port_1-24.cor          core-dump for ports 1-24 (stackable switches only)
    |   port_25-48.cor         core-dump for ports 25-48 (stackable switches only)
  • When using SFTP to copy a software image onto the switch, the command return takes only a few seconds. However, this does not mean that the transfer is complete, because the switch requires additional time (typically more than one minute) to write the image to flash in the background. To verify the file transfer has been completed, you can use the show flash command or look for a confirmation message in the log, as in the following example:
    I 01/09/09 16:17:07 00150 update: Primary Image updated.