ipv6 nd dad-attempts


ipv6 nd dad-attempts 0 - 255

no ipv6 nd dad-attempts 0 - 255


This command is executed at the global or per-interface config level, and configures the number of neighbor solicitations to send when performing DAD for a unicast address configured on a VLAN or tunnel interface. A per-interface configuration overrides a globally set configuration.


Default: 3 (enabled); 0 (disabled); Range: 0 - 255 (0 = disabled)


0 - 255

The number of consecutive neighbor solicitation messages sent for DAD inquiries on an interface. Setting this value to 0 disables DAD on the interface, which bypasses checks for uniqueness on newly configured addresses. If a reboot is performed while DAD is disabled, the duplicate address check is not performed on any IPv6 addresses configured on the switch.


The no form of the command restores the default setting.


Software version K.14.xx supports a dad-attempts range of 0 to 600. However, software version K.15.xx or greater supports a range of 0 to 255. If dad-attempts is set higher than 255, updating from K.14.xx to K.15.xx or greater and rebooting truncates this value to 255. Similarly, if the switch is running version K.15.xx or greater: (1) downloading a configuration file created using version K.14.xx with dad-attempts set higher than 255 and then (2) rebooting the switch using this configuration file truncates the setting to 255.