TFTP file transfers over IPv6

You can use TFTP copy commands over IPv6 to upload or download files to and from a physically connected device or a remote TFTP server, including:

  • Switch software

  • Software images

  • Switch configurations

  • ACL command files

  • Diagnostic data (crash data, crash log, and event log)

For complete information on how to configure TFTP file transfers between the switch and a TFTP server or other host device on the network, see the ArubaOS-Switch Management and Configuration Guide for your switch.

To upload and/or download files to the switch using TFTP in an IPv6 network, you must:

  1. Enable TFTP for IPv6 on the switch.

  2. Enter a TFTP copy command with the IPv6 address of a TFTP server in the command syntax.

  3. Optional: To enable auto-TFTP operation, enter the auto-tftp command.