Operating notes for DHCPv6

  • With IPv6 enabled, the switch determines the default IPv6 router for the VLAN from the RAs it receives.

  • If DHCPv6 is configured on a VLAN, then configuring a static global unicast address on the VLAN removes DHCPv6 from the configuration of the VLAN and deletes the DHCPv6-assigned global unicast address.

  • For a statically configured global unicast address to be routable, a gateway router must be transmitting RAs on the VLAN.

  • If an autoconfigured global unicast address exists for the same subnet as a new, statically configured global unicast address, the statically configured address is denied. In the reverse case, you can add an autoconfig command to the VLAN configuration, but it will not be implemented unless the static address is removed from the configuration.