Viewing the current inbound or outbound Telnet configuration

Output for show console showing default console configuration


show console

This command shows the current configuration of IPv4 and IPv6 inbound or outbound Telnet permissions, as well as other information. For both protocols, the default setting allows inbound or outbound sessions.

Switch(config)# show console

 Console/Serial Link

Active Consolec: Serial
USB Console Input Enabled [Yes] : Yes
inbound or outbound Telnet Enabled [Yes] : Yes
Web Agent Enabled [Yes] : Yes
Terminal Type [VT100] : VT100
Screen Refresh Interval (sec) [3] : 3
Displayed Events [All] : All

Baud Rate [Speed Sense] : speed-sense
Flow Control [XON/XOFF] : XON/XOFF
Global Session Idle Timeout(sec) [0] : 0
Serial/USB Console Idle Timeout (sec) [not set/900]: not set
Current Session Idle Timeout (sec) : 0
Maximum Concurrent Sessions Allowed [7] : 7
Maximum Concurrent Sessions Allowed Per User [7] : 7

Inbound or outbound Telnet Setting for IPv4 and IPv6 Telnet is Yes.