Viewing an ACL summary

Lists the configured IPv4 and IPv6 ACLs, regardless of whether they are assigned to any interfaces.


show access-list
Switch(eth-Trk1)# sh access-list

Access Control Lists

  deny-fragmented-tcp-header            : Disabled
  deny-non-classifiable-layer4-header   : Disabled
  ACL Grouping                          : Disabled

  Type  Appl Name
  ––––– –––– ––––––––––––––––––––––––
  ext   yes 101 1
  std   yes 55 
  ext   yes Marketing 
  ipv6  no  Accounting 2
  ipv6  no  List–01–Inbound 
  ipv6  yes List–02–Outbound
  ipv6  yes Test–1

1 IPv4

2 These ACLs exist in the configuration but are not applied to any interfaces and thus do not affect traffic

Summary table of access lists

Lists a summary table of the name, type, and application status of all ACLs (IPv4 and IPv6) configured on the switch.




Shows whether the listed ACL is an IPv6 (ipv6) ACL or one of two IPv4 ACL types:
  • std

    (Standard; source-address only)

  • ext

    (Extended; protocol, source, and destination data)


Shows whether the listed ACL has been applied to an interface (yes/no).


Shows the identifier assigned to each ACL configured in the switch.