Setting up your IPv6 RA policy

  • Is there a role for a DHCPv6 server in host configuration on a given VLAN, and what host services and policy will be configured? Affects M-bit and O-bit options (page VLAN context Neighbor Discovery (ND) configuration)

  • What is the ND policy that should be advertised? Includes hop-limit for host-generated traffic, the default router period, neighbor reachable time, and retransmit time for neighbor solicitations.

  • What prefixes should be advertised, and what prefixes should be suppressed? Prefixes configured on the routing switch VLAN interface will be included in RAs on that VLAN unless specifically denied.

  • What should be the maximum and minimum intervals (in seconds) for transmitting RAs?

  • Are there any VLANs on the routing switch where RAs should be suppressed?

  • Will multiple routing devices be used to send RAs on a VLAN?
    • The first RA received by a host determines the default router for that host. Other routers included in subsequent RAs received by the host become backup default routers for that host.

    • What, if any, differences are acceptable in RAs from different routing devices?