Setting or changing the default router lifetime


ipv6 nd ra lifetime <0–9000>

no ipv6 nd ra lifetime <0–9000>

lifetime : VLAN-context command for configuring the lifetime in seconds for the routing switch to be used as a default router by hosts on the current VLAN. This setting must be configured to a value greater than or equal to the max-interval setting.

A given host on a VLAN refreshes the default router lifetime for a specific router each time the host receives an RA from that router. A specific router ceases to be a default router candidate for a given host if the default router lifetime expires before the host is updated with a new RA from the router.

A setting of 0 (unspecified) for default router lifetime in an RA indicates that the routing switch is not a default router on the subject VLAN.

Default: Three times the ra max-interval setting. Range: unspecified 0 – 9000 seconds