Router solicitations

When an IPv6 interface becomes operational on the switch, a router solicitation is automatically sent to trigger an RA from any IPv6 routers reachable on the VLAN. (Router solicitations are sent to the All-Routers multicast address; ff02::2. If an RA is not received within one second of sending the initial router solicitation, the switch sends up to three additional solicitations at intervals of four seconds. If an RA is received, the sending router is added to the default router list and the switch stops sending router solicitations. If an RA is not received, IPv6 traffic on that VLAN cannot be routed, and the only usable unicast IPv6 address on the VLAN is the link-local address.


If the switch does not receive an RA after sending the router solicitations, no further router solicitations are sent on that VLAN unless a new IPv6 setting is configured. IPv6 on the VLAN is disabled and then re-enabled, or the up-links in VLAN are disconnected and reconnected.