Resequencing the ACEs in an IPv6 ACL

This action reconfigures the starting sequence number for ACEs in an IPv6 ACL and resets the numeric interval between sequence numbers for ACEs configured in the ACL.


ipv6 access-list resequence <identifier> <starting–seq–#> <interval>

Resets the sequence numbers for all ACEs in the ACL.

<starting–seq–#> : Specifies the sequence number for the first ACE in the list. Default: 10; Range: 1–2147483647.

<interval> : Specifies the interval between consecutive sequence numbers for the ACEs in the list. Default: 10; Range: 1–2147483647.

Viewing and resequencing an ACL

Switch(config)# show access-list My–List config

ipv6 access-list "My–List"
     10 permit ipv6 fe80::100/128 ::/0
     20 deny ipv6 fe80::110/128 fe80::/124
     40 permit ipv6 ::/0 ::/0
Switch(config)# ipv6 access-list resequence My–List 100
Switch(config)# show access-list config
 ipv6 access-list "My–List"
      100 permit ipv6 fe80::100/128 ::/0
      200 deny ipv6 fe80::110/128 fe80::/124
      300 permit ipv6 ::/0 ::/0

This example resequences the “My-List” ACL at the bottom, so that the list begins with line 100 and uses a sequence interval of 100.

  1. To view the current sequence numbering in an ACE, use show access-list config or show access-list <identifier> config .

  2. Use the Command syntax (above) to change the sequence numbering.