Commands to create, enter, and configure an ACL

For a match to occur with an ACE, a packet must have the source and destination IPv6 address criteria specified by the ACE, as well as any IPv6 protocol-specific criteria included in the command.

Use the following general steps to create or add to an ACL:
  1. Create and/or enter the context of a given ACL.

  2. Enter the first ACE in a new ACL, or append an ACE to the end of an ACL.


ipv6 access-list <ascii–str>

Places the CLI in the IPv6 ACL (ipv6-acl) context specified by the <ascii–str> alphanumeric identifier. This enables entry of individual ACEs in the specified ACL. If the ACL does not already exist, this command creates it.

<ascii–str> : Specifies an alphanumeric identifier for the ACL and consists of an alphanumeric string of up to 64 case-sensitive characters. If you include spaces in the string, you must enclose the string in single or double quotes. For example: "Accounting ACL".

You can also use this command to access an existing ACL; see General editing rules.

Entering the ACL context

Switch(config)# ip access-list Sample–List