ACL logging operation

When the switch detects a packet match with an ACE and the ACE includes the deny action and the optional log parameter, an ACL log message is sent to the designated debug destination. The first time a packet matches an ACE with deny and log configured, the message is sent immediately to the destination and the switch starts a wait-period of approximately five minutes. (The exact duration of the period depends on how the packets are internally routed.) At the end of the collection period, the switch sends a single-line summary of any additional "deny" matches for that ACE (and any other "deny" ACEs for which the switch detected a match). If no further log messages are generated in the wait-period, the switch suspends the timer and resets itself to send a message as soon as a new "deny" match occurs. The data in the message includes the information illustrated in the following example:

Content of messages generated by an ACL-deny action

Example of subsequent deny events detected by the switch for the same ACE:

ACL 12/01/08 10:04:45 List NO–TELNET, seq#10 denied tcp 2001:db8:0:1ae::1a:3(1612)
   2001:db8:0:1ad::1a:2(23) on vlan 1, port A7

Example Syslog report of the first deny event detected by the switch for this ACE.

Dec 1 10:04:45 2008:db8:0:1ad::1a:1 ACL:
ACL 12/01/08 10:04:45 : ACL NO–TELNET seq#10 denied 6 packets