DNS configuration

You can configure up to three addresses for DNS servers in the same or different domains. However, you can configure only one domain name suffix. This means that a fully qualified domain name must be used to resolve addresses for hosts that do not reside in the same domain as the one you configure with this command. That is, if the domain name suffix and the address of a DNS server for that same domain are both configured on the switch, then you need to enter only the hostname of the desired target when executing a command that supports DNS operation. But if the DNS server used to resolve the hostname for the desired target is in a different domain than the domain configured with this command, then you need to enter the fully qualified domain name for the target.


This section describes the commands for configuring DNS operation for IPv6 DNS applications. For further information and examples on using the DNS feature, see “DNS Resolver” in appendix, “Troubleshooting”, in the current Management and Configuration Guide for your switch.