Current MLD status

The following information is shown for each VLAN that has MLD snooping enabled:
  • VLAN ID number and name

  • Querier address: IPv6 address of the device acting as querier for the VLAN.

  • Querier up time: Length of time in seconds that the querier has been acting as querier.

  • Querier expiry time: If this switch is the querier, this is the amount of time until the switch sends the next general query. If this switch is not the querier, this is the amount of time in seconds until the current querier is considered inactive (after which a new querier election is held).

  • Ports with multicast routers: Ports on the VLAN that lead toward multicast routers (if any).

  • Multicast group address information for each active group on the VLAN, including:
    • Multicast group address.

    • Type of tracking for multicast joins: standard or filtered.
      • If MLD snooping is enabled, port-level tracking results in filtered groups.

      • If MLD snooping is not enabled, joins result in standard groups being tracked by this device.

      • In addition, if hardware resources for multicast filtering are exhausted, new joins may result in standard groups even though MLD snooping is enabled.

      • MLD version number (MLDv2 display only)

      • Mode-INCLUDE or EXCLUDE (MLDv2 only): when INCLUDE is displayed, the host has requested specific source/group pairs. When EXCLUDE is displayed, the host has requested all sources for a group except for a specified list of sources to exclude.

  • Uptime: The length of time the group has been joined.

  • Expire time: Time until the group expires if no joins are seen.

  • The ports that have joined the multicast group.