show port-access clients


show port-access clients [detailed]


Use this command to display the status of active authentication sessions.

show port-access clients

Port Access Client Status

Port  Client Name   MAC Address   IP Address      User Role       Type VLAN
----- ------------- ------------- --------------- -------------------- ------
1/A18 001517581ec4  001517-581ec4    ixia1           MAC   108
A7                  000c29-5121fc n/a             denyall         LOCAL
A8                  000c29-d12996 n/a             myrole          LOCAL 42

show port-access clients detailed

switch (config)#show port-access clients detailed

 Port Access Client Status Detail
  Client Base Details :
   Port            : 1/A18                 Authentication Type : mac-based
   Client Status   : authenticated         Session Time        : 11 seconds
   Client Name     : 001517581ec4          Session Timeout     : 60 seconds
   MAC Address     : 001517-581ec4
   IP              :

 User Role Information
   Name                              : ixia1
   Type                              : local
   Reauthentication Period (seconds) : 60
   Untagged VLAN                     : 108
   Tagged VLANs                      :
   Captive Portal Profile            :
   Policy                            : policyIxia1

Statements for policy "policyIxia1"
policy user "policyIxia1"
     10 class ipv4 "classIxia1" action rate-limit kbps 11000

Statements for class IPv4 "classIxia1"
class ipv4 "classIxia1"
     10 match ip