• Captive Portal is supported in ClearPass versions 6.5.5 and later. However, by manually modifying the RADIUS dictionary files, any ClearPass version 6.5.* can be used.

  • Captive Portal does not support v1 modules, and will not work unless compatibility mode is turned off.

  • Captive Portal does not support IPv6.

  • Simultaneous Captive Portal client connections: maximum of 512

  • Captive Portal does not support web proxy. The permit ClearPass ACLs and the steal ACLs only use port 80 and 443. Non-standard ports for HTTP and HTTPS are not supported.

  • Captive Portal is mutually exclusive with the following web-based authentication mechanisms: Web Authentication, EWA, MAFR, and BYOD.

  • URL-string limitation of 253 characters.