Operating notes

  • Network Security Precautions:

    Enhance your network's security by keeping physical access to the switch restricted to authorized personnel, using the password features built into the switch, using the additional security features described in this manual, and preventing unauthorized access to data on your management stations.

  • Modem and Direct Console Access:

    Configuring authorized IP managers does not protect against access to the switch through a modem or direct Console (RS-232) port connection.

  • Duplicate IP Addresses:

    If the IP address configured in an authorized management station is also configured (or "spoofed") in another station, the other station can gain management access to the switch even though a duplicate IP address condition exists.

  • Web Proxy Servers:
    If you use the WebAgent to access the switch from an authorized IP manager station, it is recommended that you avoid the use of a web proxy server in the path between the station and the switch. This is because switch access through a web proxy server requires that you first add the web proxy server to the Authorized manager IP list. This reduces security by opening switch access to anyone who uses the web proxy server. The following two options outline how to eliminate a web proxy server from the path between a station and the switch:
    • Even if you need proxy server access enabled in order to use other applications, you can still eliminate proxy service for web access to the switch. To do so, add the IP address or DNS name of the switch to the non-proxy, or "Exceptions" list in the web browser interface you are using on the authorized station.

    • If you don't need proxy server access at all on the authorized station, then just disable the proxy server feature in the station's web browser interface.