• Port security: This feature enables you to configure each switch port with a unique list of the MAC addresses of devices that are authorized to access the network through that port. This enables individual ports to detect, prevent, and log attempts by unauthorized devices to communicate through the switch.

  • MAC Lockdown: This feature, also known as “Static Addressing”, is used to prevent station movement and MAC address “hijacking” by allowing a given MAC address to use only an assigned port on the switch. MAC Lockdown also restricts the client device to a specific VLAN.

  • MAC Lockout: This feature enables you to block a specific MAC address so that the switch drops all traffic to or from the specified address.


Port Security and MAC Lockdown do not prevent intruders from receiving broadcast and multicast traffic. Also, Port Security and MAC Lockdown are mutually exclusive on a switch. If one is enabled, then the other cannot be used.