Password recovery process

If you lose the manager username/password, but password-recovery is enabled, then you can use the password recovery process to gain management access to the switch with an alternate password supplied by Networking Support.


Disabled password-recovery locks out the ability to recover a manager username/password pair on the switch. The only way to recover from this is to use the Reset +Clear button combination described under Restoring the factory default configuration. This disrupts network operation and necessitates temporarily disconnecting the switch from the network to prevent unauthorized access and other problems while it is being reconfigured.

To recover a lost password:

  1. Note the switch base MAC address. It is shown on the label located on the upper right front corner of the switch.
  2. Contact Networking Support for further assistance. Using the switch MAC address, Networking Support will generate and provide a "one-time use" alternate password to gain management access to the switch. Once you gain access, configure a new password.


The alternate password provided by Networking Support is valid only for a single login attempt. You cannot use the same "one-time-use" password if you lose the password a second time. Because the password algorithm is randomized based upon your switch MAC address, the password will change as soon as you use the "one-time-use" password provided by Networking Support.