RADIUS authentication statistics


show authentication

Displays the primary and secondary authentication methods configured for the Console, Telnet, Port-Access (802.1X), and SSH methods of accessing the switch. Also displays the number of access attempts currently allowed in a session.

show radius authentication

Displays NAS identifier and data on the configured RADIUS server and the switch interactions with this server. Requires prior use of the radius-server host command to configure a RADIUS server IP address in the switch, see Accounting services.

Login attempt and primary/secondary authentication information from the show authentication command

switch(config)# show authentication

 Status and Counters - Authentication Information

  Login Attempts : 0
  Suppress Empty User : No

  Type        | Method Mode
  ----------- + ------ -----
  Network     | None
  Exec        | None
  System      | None
  Commands    | None

RADIUS authentication information from a specific server

switch(config)# show radius authentication

 Status and Counters - RADIUS Authentication Information

  NAS Identifier : Networking
  Invalid Server Addresses : 0

  Server IP Addr Port Timeouts  Requests  Challenges Accepts  Rejects
  -------------- ---- --------- --------- ---------- -------- -------   1812 0         2         0          2        0