Physical security

Physical access to the switch allows the following:
  • Use of the console serial port (CLI and Menu interface) for viewing and changing the current configuration and for reading status, statistics, and log messages.

  • Use of the switch Clear and Reset buttons for these actions:
    • Clearing (removing) local password protection

    • Rebooting the switch

    • Restoring the switch to the factory default configuration (and erasing any nondefault configuration settings)

Keeping the switch in a locked wiring closet or other secure space helps prevent unauthorized physical access.

As additional precautions, you can do the following:

  • Disable or re-enable the password-clearing function of the Clear button.

  • Configure the Clear button to reboot the switch after clearing any local usernames and passwords.

  • Modify the operation of the Reset+Clear button combination so that the switch reboots, but does not restore the switch factory default settings.

  • Disable or re-enable password recovery.