Operating notes for remarks

  • The resequence command ignores "orphan" remarks that do not have an ACE counterpart with the same sequence number. For example, if:
    • a remark numbered "55" exists in an ACE

    • there is no ACE numbered "55" in the same ACL

    • resequence

      is executed on an ACL

    then the remark retains "55" as its sequence number and will be placed in the renumbered version of the ACL according to that sequence number.
  • Entering an unnumbered remark followed by a numbered ACE, or the reverse, creates an "orphan" remark. The unnumbered entry will be assigned a sequence number that is an increment from the last ACE in the list. The numbered entry will then be placed sequentially in the list according to the sequence number used.

  • Configuring two remarks without either sequence numbers or an intervening, unnumbered ACE results in the second remark overwriting the first.

Overwriting one remark with another