Note on supplicant statistics

For each port configured as a supplicant, show port-access supplicant statistics <port-list>] displays the source MAC address and statistics for transactions with the authenticator device most recently detected on the port. If the link between the supplicant port and the authenticator device fails, the supplicant port continues to show data received from the connection to the most recent authenticator device until one of the following occurs:
  • The supplicant port detects a different authenticator device.

  • You use the aaa port-access supplicant <port-list> clear-statistics command to clear the statistics for the supplicant port.

  • The switch reboots.

Thus, if the supplicant’s link to the authenticator fails, the supplicant retains the transaction statistics it most recently received until one of the above events occurs. Also, if you move a link with an authenticator from one supplicant port to another without clearing the statistics data from the first port, the authenticator’s MAC address will appear in the supplicant statistics for both ports.