Local manager and operator passwords

The information saved to the running-config file when the include-credentials command is entered includes:

password manager [user-name <name>] <hash-type> <pass-hash>
password operator [user-name <name>] <hash-type> <pass-hash>
  • <name> is an alphanumeric string for the user name assigned to the manager or operator.

  • <hash-type> indicates the type of hash algorithm used: SHA-1 or plain text.

  • <pass-hash> is the SHA-1 authentication protocol’s hash of the password or clear ASCII text.

For example, a manager username and password can be stored in a runningconfig file as follows:

password manager user-name George SHA1

Use the write memory command to save the password configurations in the startup-config file. The passwords take effect when the switch boots with the software version associated with that configuration file.


If a startup configuration file includes other security credentials, but does not contain a manager or operator password, the switch will not have password protection and can be accessed through Telnet or the serial port of the switch with full manager privileges.