Generate a CA-Signed server host certificate with the WebAgent

The installation of a CA-signed certificate involves interaction with other entities and consists of three phases. The first phase is the creation of the CA certificate request, which is then copied off from the switch for submission to the certificate authority. The second phase is the actual submission process that involves having the certificate authority verify the certificate request and then digitally signing the request to generate a certificate response (the usable server host certificate). The third phase is the download phase consisting of pasting to the switch web server the certificate response, which is then validated by the switch and put into use by enabling SSL.

To generate a certificate request from the WebAgent:
  1. In the navigation pane, click Security.

  2. Click SSL.

  3. In the Web Management box, enable SSL if it is not already checked.

  4. In the SSL Certificate box, fill out the fields and select Create request.

CA certificate generation via SSL WebAgent screen

To access the online help for SSL certificate generation, click “?” in the upper right corner of the screen.