Defining authorized management stations

  • Authorizing Single Stations:

    The table entry authorizes a single management station to have IP access to the switch. To use this method, just enter the IP address of an authorized management station in the Authorized manager IP column, and leave the IP Mask set to This is the easiest way to use the Authorized managers feature. For more on this topic, see Configuring one station per Authorized manager IP entry.

  • Authorizing Multiple Stations:

    The table entry uses the IP Mask to authorize access to the switch from a defined group of stations. This is useful if you want to easily authorize several stations to have access to the switch without having to type in an entry for every station. All stations in the group defined by the one Authorized manager IP table entry and its associated IP mask will have the same access level—manager or operator. For more on this topic, see Configuring multiple stations per Authorized manager IP entry.

To configure the switch for authorized manager access, enter the appropriate Authorized manager IP value, specify an IP Mask, and select either manager or operator for the Access Level. The IP Mask determines how the Authorized manager IP value is used to allow or deny access to the switch by a management station.


If the management VLAN is configured, access can only be on that VLAN.