Configuring the switch for SSH operation

  1. Assign a local login (operator) and enable (manager) password.

    It is recommended that you always assign at least a manager password to the switch. Otherwise, under some circumstances, anyone with Telnet, web, or serial port access could modify the switch configuration. You can configure both the operator and manager password with one command.

    password <manager|operator|all>
    switch(config)# password all
    New password for operator: ********
    Please retype new password for operator: ********
    New password for manager: *******
    Please retype new password for manager: *******
  2. Generate the switch public and private key pair.
  3. Provide the switch public key to clients.
  4. Enable SSH on the switch and anticipate SSH client contact behavior.
  5. Configure the switch for SSH authentication.
  6. Use an SSH client to access the switch.

    Test the SSH configuration on the switch to ensure that you have the level of SSH operation needed for the switch. If you have problems, see "RADIUS-related problems" in the management and configuration guide for your switch.