Configuring authorized server addresses

If authorized server addresses are configured, a packet from a DHCP server must be received on a trusted port AND have a source address in the authorized server list in order to be considered valid. If no authorized servers are configured, all servers are considered valid. You can configure a maximum of 20 authorized servers.

To configure a DHCP authorized server address, enter this command in the global configuration context:

switch(config)# dhcp-snooping authorized-server <ip-address>

Authorized servers for DHCP snooping

switch(config)# show dhcp-snooping

 DHCP Snooping Information

  DHCP Snooping              : Yes
  Verify MAC                 : No
  Option 82 untrusted policy : drop
  Option 82 Insertion        : Yes
  Option 82 remote-id        : subnet-ip

Authorized Servers