Configuring IP Authorized managers for the switch (CLI)

See the IPv6 configuration guide for information about Authorized IP manager configuration with IPv6 addresses.


ip authorized-managers <ip-address> <ip-mask>> access [manager|operator]
no ip authorized-managers <ip-address> <ip-mask>> access [manager|operator]

access-method [all|ssh|telnet|web|snmp|tftp]

ipv6 authorized-managers <ip-address> <ip-mask>
no ipv6 authorized-managers <ip-address> <ip-mask> access [manager|operator]

access-method [all|ssh|telnet|web|snmp|tftp]

Configures one or more authorized IP addresses.

access [manager|operator]

Configures the privilege level for <ip-address>. Applies only to access through telnet, SSH, SNMPv1, SNMPv2c, and SNMPv3.

Default: manager

access-method [all|ssh|telnet|web|snmp|tftp]

Configures access levels by access method and IP address. Each management method can have its own set of authorized managers.

Default: all

Configuring IP authorized manager access method SSH

switch(config)# ip authorized-managers manager access-method ssh